The Granada Preschool Program
Granada Preschool was founded in 1963 and we have been......
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The Clubhouse was founded in 1982 because many of our preschool....
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Tel: (818) 891-1711
10549 Haskell Ave., Granada Hills, Ca

Providing Quality Child Care
Since 1963

We feel we provide excellent quality at a
fair price.......
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The Granada Preschool Program

Granada Preschool was founded in 1963 and we have been providing quality childcare at the same location ever since. We are proud of our dedicated staff, our beautiful campus, and our tradition of providing the best possible care for children's early years.

We care for children ages 2-6 and we are open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Granada Preschool Philosophy

Self-esteem is the key to successful living. The child develops self-esteem through positive interactions with his or her surroundings including friends caring adults and the physical environment.

Continuing positive experiences foster the child's eagerness to explore new learning situations. A child needs successes every day to build a good self-image.

Our program respects each child's individuality. The child is allowed to learn at his or her own pace. Each child is given time to choose what he

or she needs to learn; a time for individual attention from the teacher, a time to be part of a group, a time to work alone, and a time to use what he or she has learned. Our curriculum includes language development, creative arts, science, math, health, literature and physical development.

We strive to help each child develop the self-reliance, independence, and self-esteem so necessary for sucessful living.

License # 197414102

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